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Self defense for women and men, moves that can be used against a larger and stronger attacker in real life situations

We hear it on the news just about every week, headlines like. “Woman killed after Knife attack”, “Man Shot At Close Range”, “Family Murdered In Own Home” and “Youth Attacks With Baseball Bat”.

These are horrible but very real scenarios that could happen to anyone. Unfortunately not many people out there know how to defend themselves from being attacked.

We shouldn’t really have to learn how to defend ourselves from an attack, but these attacks with knives, guns, bats, etc. happen every day. And they haven’t gotten any less common.

A lot of people live in fear that they are going to be attacked!!

This is an unfair and unhealthy way to live.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself while you’re in the street, in your own home, or anywhere these days!

Then we have the information to help.

Self defense moves for women and men that really do work against a larger stronger attacker


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